Sunday, August 24, 2008

3.. 2.. 1.. Ignition

We just got back from the ZeroG flight.  We managed to do 3 experiments onboard; the hard-drive gyro, karate, and Mentos&Diet Coke.

I will post later when I have looked at the video, but it looks like we got some cool high-speed video.

Everyone had a great time, and the most surprising thing was this - when you are in free-fall, you do not feel like you are falling.  You feel like you are floating.  It is a totally alien sensation.  Other participants noted this also; it is nothing like what you would expect from taking a drop ride at a theme park.  The general consensus was that the reason for this are the visual cues provided by the cabin, and the fact that you transition from 1.8G to 0G over a period of seconds.

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