Thursday, July 10, 2008

You, for one, should welcome your new Overlord

My name is Robert Woodhead, and back in the dark ages, I co-wrote the first four installments of the Wizardry RPG game series on Apple II, PC, and Macintosh with Andrew Greenberg. As a joke, we put ourselves into the game, I as "Trebor the Mad Overlord", and he as "Werdna the Evil Wizard". Some may claim that declaring that I was insane was perhaps not the smartest of moves, but I would venture to point out that the goal of the game was to kill Werdna.

In any case, this got me thinking, and it occurred to me that the whole World Domination thing could actually be fun to do, as long as it was done for benevolent reasons, and as long as one took pains to avoid the classic mistakes. So, when I haven't been doing weird things with computers, helping people promote their websites, importing Anime and other Japanese films, and fighting robots, I've been devoting myself to this noble goal.

Of course, it should be obvious that this is all in good fun, and I don't really intend to take over the world.

Or perhaps, that's what I want you to think....

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Anonymous said...

Due to my last name being close enough to Werdna, I caught no end of grief when Wizardry was released.