Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your Space-Fu is Not Good Enough! Now suffer the wrath of my Mutant Star Goat style!

As part of our plans for World Domination, both James and Alex have trained in the Martial Arts for many years (I should point out that this is simply so they can defend their dear old dad from those misguided fools who oppose us).

So it has occurred to us to see if some simple self-defense techniques work in free-fall, where you don't usually have leverage, except that which you can apply through the body of your opponent.  It would also be interesting to see what happens when you try and do some simple Kata.

We're working with the boys' Sensei (a 6th-dan) to develop some routines that (a) might actually work and (b) will not impinge upon the other passengers (who might, at least for a brief time, be annoyed if they are on the receiving end of a Vulcan Death Grip)

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