Saturday, July 12, 2008

Liquids in Space

The ZeroG folks have told me that they are a bit leery of experiments with liquids, except those done by their staff, because of the mess factor.

However, I've been thinking about ways to deal with that, by coming up with a simple liquid deployment and recovery device.

Here's the idea: take a 3oz bottle (the max allowed by the TSA past the checkpoint), and stuff it full of sponge material, so that it extends a bit past the neck.  Then soak the sponge to capacity, and squeeze out about 10% of the liquid.  This should result in a device that can deploy small amounts of water and also recover it (squeeze until there is a film of water on the neck, touch to water globe, release pressure).

Of course, if water bottles are available after the checkpoint, one could use a larger bottle purchased on site.

Also, after seeing this video, I'm itching to figure out something interesting to do with non-newtonian fluids.  The downside here will be what happens when someone sees us dumping cornstarch into a water bottle inside a secure area...

Some good news: the Casio Exilim EX-F1 high-speed camera has been approved for flight.  Now the only question is whether there will be enough light to get high-speed footage.  Oh well, it can also do HD.

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