Friday, July 18, 2008

Mentos... in... Space!

Everyone loves the Diet Coke&Mentos demonstration.  But how would it work in Zero-G.

Obviously, a major consideration would be the mess factor.  The experiment would have to be self-contained so as not to splatter everything in the cabin.  Here's my idea:

Take a standard 16-oz bottle of Diet Coke (available after security!) and use a modified Spangler Geyser Tube with a clear plastic bag on the other end to catch the spray.  The release mechanism would use a magnet to hold the mentos in place, then a quick shake should start things going.

This would look particularly cool if there's enough light for high-speed photography.


Bjaren said...

Ooblek. I want to see you play with ooblek in zero g. I expect a presentation at least as entertaining as this:

MadOverlord said...

It would be interesting to see how a blob of the stuff reacted to impact. The question is, will it get past security, either in liquid or powder form?

About the only experiment I can think of is to let it form a into a sphere (if it isn't too viscous) and then hit it. Got any other ideas?